I’m going to take a stab in the dark and attempt to guess your first thought as you stumbled across my ramblings: Gimpy?! WT actual F?

I’ll start with a bit of background info about my new blog – Finding Gimpy. Firstly I love to write. You may have read my previous blog over at gingerwheels about a charity bike ride I did a few years ago in Africa. I LOVED writing that blog. I like to think I have a book inside me. In fact, should I ever hit up Slimming World again (we had a brief fling, September 2014, it didn’t end well) I’m going to claim there’s a small library in there. And yes, indeed, my healthy weight is actually 18 stone. Because, you know, the books, the shelves, the free computers. 

Secondly I’m about to embark on a new charity challenge. This year I will be running the Cardiff Half, completing the Welsh three peaks, cycling Ride The Night, going veggie, going sober and any other challenges you lovely lot would like to throw at me (I am being serious – comment below unless your challenge is horrible, in which case, you can address it to ‘The Taff’ and throw it in the river). This is twofold; to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Women V Cancer, and because I “like a challenge”. I do. Yes I do. YES I DO*

*I suspect I don’t, I suspect I am just stubborn.  

This year is a big year for me. Not only is it my last year before the big 3-0 when I assume I have to start pretending to be a fully functioning adult, it’s also the ten year anniversary of my diagnosis. For those of you know don’t know, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma in November 2007. And yeah, it’s kind of a big thing to go through.

A cancer diagnosis is a horrible thing. No matter your age or circumstances, it’s a fully loaded kick that’s forgotten about your teeth and is going for your vital organs instead. It put me, my family and friends in some awful circumstances when I should have been having the best years of my life (2nd year of uni, bitching friends, Cardiff drinking scene, you work out my priorities). But, and deep breath, I also have a collection of hilarious stories as well. And I want to write about them. 

And my first will be to introduce Gimpy, at long last I hear you cry! As I mentioned earlier, I am stubborn. Really stubborn, too stubborn. Shortly after I finished my treatment I got the idea in my head that I wanted to run the London marathon. My mother claims this was after watching Run, Fat Boy, Run (she actually did, she was directly quoted in the local paper). I continue to deny this story. 

So, with two friends who are wonderful, amazing, and perhaps equally as stubborn as I am, we signed up to run the marathon with charity places for Leukaemia CARE. And… It. Was. Horrible.

Turns out 20 year old me didn’t like running. I “trained” as in I religiously went to the gym and cross trained and rowed and did the leg squeezy machine thing. But did I run? HELL NO. Enter the day of the London Marathon when to date the longest I’ve run is a mile. It. Was. Horrible. 

7 hours and 20 minutes later, with no warm up or cool down, I was a broken women. Literally. I pulled every muscle in my body and moved like a mummy. I’d finished 10 minutes behind Katie Price who infamously destroyed her foot half way around.

When I returned to Cardiff I was spoiled rotten – I was chaufered 50 metres to the pub, friends collected essay results for me, I was cooked for and so on. Including one friend. One special friend. One friend who did go and get the ten library books I’d requested, and did make me poached eggs, and did listen to me whinge whilst reminding me about the stretches she’d recommended. And then she got her revenge (I suspect the library books broke her), she nicknamed me Gimpy. And it stuck.

Welcome to Finding Gimpy.